Mariazeller Advent

Art & Culture in Austria


Music History: An Open Ear for Distant Lands It is commonly said that travel broadens the mind. This is especially true of musicians. The works […]

Im Schlosspark von Schönbrunn Fotograf: © WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud

Imperial and modern Austria


During their centuries-long domination of Europe, the Habsburgs proved to be not only passionate builders but also keen travelers–a fact that is manifested in the […]

Gustav Mahler / Foto-Portrait mit Signatur © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Diejun

Gustav Mahler: His Work


Gustav Mahler’s work is characterized by the tension between this world and the afterworld, between the earthly-natural and the spiritual-supernatural worlds. Symphony No. 1 A […]

Dirndl Grundlsee © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Peter Burgstaller

Crafts in Austria


Crafts in Austria have a very long tradition. Some of the workshops have become global players and others still operate as they did 300 hundred […]

Farm Holidays in Austria


“When it comes to the environment,” says Alfred Strigl, deputy director of the Austrian Institute for Sustainability, “Austrians are top of Europe and top of […]

Famous festivals in Austria


Over 200 festivals are held throughout the country each year. From the prestigious world-class festivals to the smaller events closely tied to a particular region, […]

Mozart: 21 locations in Vienna


Even if the triumphant premiere of “Don Giovanni” was in Prague, and Italy, England and Germany marked the first flowering of his gifts, without Vienna, […]

Brot vom Mauracherhof aus dem Oberösterreichischen Sarleinsbach steht für 100% biologische Brotspezialitäten.

Organic Austria


With 13 percent of cultivated land and 10+ percent of its farmers organic, Austria is an international organic champion. This benefits everybody: the consumers because […]

Your bucket list Austria 2


Tscheppa gorge, Ferlach When lazy little holidaymakers suddenly turn into enthusiastic hikers, there are generally good reasons for this. And things are no different at […]